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Functional food

The functional food aimed at the same time, restore nutrients and treat disease. It uses foods "bioactive principle" that interfere with metabolic processes, may also aid in preventing and treating certain diseases.


These foods by having nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and essential oils, are absorbed in the place where there is a deficit or are incorporated in the local enzymatic metabolic reactions.


We have the example of soybean that can be excellent option for natural hormone replacement in women in the climacteric phase. Foods such as cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cabbage, help prevent cancer and help patients who are in treatment or who have family history of the disease.


Extra virgin olive oil cold pressed, an acidity below 0.3%, is excellent for treating increased cholesterol, rheumatic diseases and obesity.

Have coffee and tea can be used for attention deficit, as they are rich in caffeine, which in addition to speed up the metabolism, aids in concentration, attention and memory.


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