By Dra. Sylvana Braga

Dra. Sylvana Braga
CRM 103.778/SP.

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Anti Aging

The Anti-Aging Medicine, also anti-aging called, is currently an association of conduct aimed at maintaining health, external or internal, to slow the aging processes of the organs.


Aims to improve brain function, improving memory and preventing dementia processes such as Alzheimer's disease. Focusing on maintaining good function of organs such as liver, kidneys, lungs and heart.


The digestive system is not forgotten, as it functions as a second brain, keeping the release of serotonin and assisting in good exchanges and absorption of nutrients.


The maintenance of humor is important because it prevents diseases such as depressive states, anxiety disorders and irritabilidades.

Avoiding excess cholesterol, high glucose and abdominal obesity, we can increase the appearance of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart attacks and strokes.


Associated with aesthetic medicine, it improves the freshness, skin texture, the reduction of unwanted wrinkles, increase the volume of hair and nail constitution.

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