By Dra. Sylvana Braga

Dra. Sylvana Braga
CRM 103.778/SP.

Check the formation of Dr. Sylvana Braga, which is nutróloga, reumatóloga and expert Orthomolecular practice.

Dra. Sylvana Braga

Dr. Sylvana Braga is nutróloga, reumatóloga, expert Orthomolecular Practice and author of "Orthomolecular Diet".

Dr. Sylvana Braga
CRM 103 778 / SP


- Graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro;
- Residency in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology;
- Specialization in Rheumatology by the Brazilian Society of Rheumatology;
- Specialization in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation from the Catholic University;
- Post Graduation in Orthomolecular practice by the Faculty of Health Sciences of São Paulo;
- Member of the International League of Association for Rheumatology;
- Doctor of the Clinical Hospital in the Department of Medicine and Rehabilitation from 2000 to 2008;
- Doctor of Ministry of Health;
- Founding partner of Sao Paulo segment of the Brazilian Academy of Medicine Anti Aging;
- Disease Rehabilitation Course Coordinator Bone of the University Hospital in the Department of Medicine and Rehabilitation;
- Member of the Brazilian Society of Rheumatology;
- Papers published in the Journal of Rheumatology;
- Speaker of the refresher course in Bone Diseases;
- Participating as a speaker and exhibitor at the Brazilian Congress of Rheumatology;
- Homotoxicology course with diploma by the International Society of Homotoxicology of Baden-Baden;
- Post Graduation - in Aesthetic Medicine at the Faculty of Sciences of São Paulo;
- Postgraduate - in Anti Aging from the Faculty of Sciences of São Paulo;
- Post Graduation in Orthomolecular Practice, Faculty of Sciences of.

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