By Dra. Sylvana Braga

Dra. Sylvana Braga
CRM 103.778/SP.

Check the formation of Dr. Sylvana Braga, which is nutróloga, reumatóloga and expert Orthomolecular practice.

Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic medicine is based on the body skin treatments, face, hair and nails to conservation. We prefer less invasive methods that can maintain balance and cell rejuvenation.


Associated with Orthomolecular Diet, reduced levels of free radicals, and therefore produce less aggression to the cells. Then comes the Orthomolecular Aesthetics. Orthomolecular aesthetic consists of orthomolecular treatments based on the replacement of minerals and vitamins, the detoxification of the skin and fâneros.


We use facial and body cream the basis of the most modern world discovered this sector. We know that aging is through an congestion in malfunction and short supply of nutrients, vitamins and energy to cells.


Factors such as sunlight, smoking, excessive alcohol intake, are harmful for the treatment and cause premature aging of the skin.

The aesthetic medicine begins inside. Occurs from the inside out. Occurs through ingestion of natural substances such as minerals, vitamins in our diet and supplementation. A healthy diet is key to successful treatment.


Today with the aesthetic medicine can delay skin aging with no harmful substances to the body applications.

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