By Dra. Sylvana Braga

Dra. Sylvana Braga
CRM 103.778/SP.

Check the formation of Dr. Sylvana Braga, which is nutróloga, reumatóloga and expert Orthomolecular practice.


Orthomolecular practice is based on the goal of balance the cells of our body. It aims to remove excess free radicals from the blood.


Free radicals are substances that bombard the cells causing changes of themselves, altering the DNA of the nucleus, generating diseases such as cancers and degenerative diseases.


The elimination of toxic metals is also an important factor when it comes to cleansing the body. With the replenishment of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that are in deficit by chance, we can maintain the basal metabolic rate and enzymatic reactions run properly.


Orthomolecular practice can be used to prevent and cure diseases. Pathologies in early stages as an increase in blood glucose, liver fat and in excess cholesterol in the blood, can be treated by this method because, in this case, it have not yet emerged as organic changes in the cells.


Even in cases of illness constituted as diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, obesity, Orthomolecular practice can act as an adjunct to conventional treatment, metabolic reactions and aiding in reducing the inflammatory component of the body.


Orthomolecular practice acts still in enhanced immunity, mood and brings a better vital capacity, both physical and mental.

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