By Dra. Sylvana Braga

Dra. Sylvana Braga
CRM 103.778/SP.

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In diseases of bones and joints in general, there is some inflammation that can be fought in the early stages of herbal drugs.

The nutrology, study nutrition in these patients, significantly contributed to a good evolution of these diseases. Specific foods are introduced in order to handle and replenish minerals. These are called functional foods that nourish and treat at the same time.


On the other hand there are foods such as saturated fats, which are proscribed as accelerate the inflammatory process.In recent years, Rheumatology advanced significantly with the introduction of the new course-modifying drugs of diseases, especially rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus. We are talking about drugs that alter the natural course of rheumatic disease and intersect the development of deformities and commitment in the organs of the underlying disease.


For many decades we stood bone and joint deformities, and also commitment to the patient's organs. We saw patients with severe deformities and involvement of organs such as heart, brain, liver and kidneys. In the last decade emerged "smart drugs" that balances the level of circulating antibodies in the blood in these patients.


Rheumatology associated with orthomolecular diet gained a new perspective of treatment because it uses the concepts of biology, biochemistry, physiology, in association with the combat of free radicals and the use of antioxidants.

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